Kromek Reveals a New Innovate UK-Backed R&D Project

Kromek Reveals a New Innovate UK-Backed R&D Project

Kromek, a County Durham-headquartered supplier of detection technology focusing on the medical, security screening and nuclear markets, has revealed a new Innovate UK-backed R&D project to improve the techniques used during cancer surgery. The development of the new system aims to improve the pathological medical imaging techniques used during cancer surgery to distinguish between healthy and non-healthy tissue.

Funded by Innovate UK, the three-year project is being conducted in partnership with Adaptix, the developer of a Flat Panel X-ray Source (FPS), and the University of Manchester.

The project is to develop a prototype of a new type of pathology cabinet, based on Kromek’s CZT detectors and Adaptix’s FPS, to produce high-resolution 3D images that provide more accurate differentiation of the boundaries between diseased and healthy tissue.

“This is an exciting project for Kromek as it takes our CZT-based detectors into a new application area. Our technology is already being used by leading OEMs to enable the early diagnosis of cancer. With this system, we will contribute to improving the outcome of surgeries through greater image quality. It will reduce the risk of diseased tissue remaining and further surgeries being required while minimising the removal of healthy tissue, which will be of great benefit to both healthcare providers and patients,” said chief executive Dr Arnab Basu.

“We look forward to working alongside our partners, Adaptix and the University of Manchester, to complete the development of this new system and take it to the next stage.”

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