Convert Ltd Doubles Capacity with New Artos CR11

Convert Ltd Doubles Capacity with New Artos CR11

Convert Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, has invested in a new Artos CR11 automatic crimping wire processor, which has increased capacity by 50 per cent.

The Kent-based company purchased the machine to support a project it is working on with one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers.

Engineered to handle high and low volume runs and a wide range of wire types, the Artos CR11 is up to 18 per cent faster than previous models, feeding wires at 5 metres a second. Its digital, programmable servo-driven termination units and a quick-change cart system make it ideal for high volume or high mix production needs.

“We’re really excited to have invested in the Artos CR11. Its increased speed and ability to handle high volume runs and a range of wire types means greater productivity which will help us maintain the high quality our customers have come to expect,” said Dave Lord, Convert’s Managing Director.

Convert’s new Artos CR11 compliments its existing Komax Gamma 255 which excels at small wire handling and its Artos MTX-5 which is used to process thicker wires.

Convert boasts some top industry names amongst its customers such as Wipac, Bibby Scientific Ltd, GKN Hybrid Power, Cubic Transportation and OEM Automatic Ltd, as well as leading luxury and sports car manufacturers.

Operating predominantly in the automotive, public transport and scientific/medical sectors, Convert manufactures wire cables and harnesses for car head and rear lights, passenger gates at railway stations and a range of scientific equipment.

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