Drone Major Group Develops New Connectivity Portal

Drone Major Group Develops New Connectivity Portal

Drone Major Group, a recently formed provider of integrated drone solutions has launched a new Drone Major platform in order to promote connectivity, and ensure the widespread use of drones in a range of different industries. The use of drones has become an attractive development opportunity for a range of different industries, with areas such as construction previously having to manage the obstacle of construction pace.

Drones are a cost and time efficient solution for surveying as well as there have been a large amount of benefits seen through the use of drones in construction and maintenance work. The manufacturers of these surveillance drones include a large number of the key players involved in the creation of the new Drone Major platform. One of the companies included in the creation of this new portal was QUESTUAV, whose DATAHAWK PPK drone has been used in order to completely transform geospatial surveying.

The Manufacturing industry is one of the many that has seen a large amount of benefits from the development of widespread drone use. Drone Major Group was first set up in September, by Founder and CEO Robert Garbett. The Group works to offer connections for the key players within the drone development industry in order to support the transformative drone developments taking place.

Drones can be used for surveillance as well as getting closer looks at the engineering on construction projects, without the added time and costs to construct scaffolding for workers to investigate. As well as use in the construction industry in order to speed up the creation of new hoses to combat the housing crisis, drones are also being used to reduce the planning cycles of larger scale infrastructure, engineering and highway projects. The information collected quickly and easily by the drone can then be passed on to manufacturers so a relevant part can be created, or to designers so certain features can be accounted for.

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