Arbor Technology Announced the Launch of the Arbor ASLAN-W9xxC

Arbor Technology Announced the Launch of the Arbor ASLAN-W9xxC

Arbor Technology has announced the launch of the Arbor ASLAN-W9xxC Series. This new embedded computer solution that has been launched as an expansion of their already well received ASLAN series industrial Panel PC. Arbor Technology Ltd offers clients a range of the Industrial, Embedded, Mobile, Medical and Extended Temperature Computing Products. The company has more than 20 years of experience working in the Industrial Computing Market and has managed to provide industrial level hardware solutions for some of the largest Defence, Aerospace. Medical and Automation companies in the UK.

Arbor Technology works to provide embedded computing solutions and is one of the leading companies in the market. The acclaimed ASLAN series has been created to suite those in industrial automation,HMI applications, building automation and process control. The ASLAN series is suited to for use by end users in this industry because of the manufactured stainless steel chassis and waterproof connectors. The ASLAN- W922C-IP model has been marketed as perfect for use within the chemical and food industries due to the ease of cleaning and disinfection as well as the tough and durable design.

On offer in the ASLAN-W9xxC models designed and manufactured by Arbor Technology is a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen display that is available between 10.1 inch to 21.5 inch. Arbor has also created a 17 4:3 aspect ratio screen called the ASLAN-917R as well as rh ASLAN-W922C-IP, a 21.5 inch full IP65 stainless model. This means that Arbor has created a range that could suit a wide range of application. The wide range of the products on offer has allowed Arbor to expand the range of applications their product in the industrial sector.

The ASLAN-W9xxC Series of computing solutions is powered by the 2.4GHz IntelⓇ Core i5-6300U™ processor that supports 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM system memory. The series of technology that has been generated by Arbor and delivers a lower power consumption as well as being able to perform with more demanding applications and multitasking.

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