BenQ Launches the World’s First Fully Immersive Gaming 4LED Projector

BenQ Launches the World’s First Fully Immersive Gaming 4LED Projector

Globally renowned for its display technology, BenQ, introduces another world exclusive with the launch of the first fully immersive 4LED projector for console gaming. 

Engaging in large scale, fast-paced game play with professional audio, high brightness, high contrast and long lasting colour is now feasible with the X1300i. Producing a 100” diagonal image at just 2.87 metres, the cubic design of the X1300i projector encases BenQ’s most advanced technology. 

Compared with other LED projector technology, the new 4LED light source from BenQ achieves higher optical efficiency. Incorporating an additional blue LED, the RGBB light source enhances the 1.4X optical efficiency for longer lasting colour reproduction with increased vibrancy and 3000 lumen brightness output. 

In addition, the X1300i is powered by LED Dynamic Black™ Technology, which intelligently detects the fluctuating light and black levels of the game and matches the dynamic scene timely and accurately. For the avid gamer, the fast responsive 8ms@120Hz low latency ensures gameplay is uninterrupted. 

To have the best-in-class gaming immersion, BenQ’s GameMaestroTM technology offers three pre-set game modes designed for the most popular console genres: FPS (First Shooting Game), SPG (Sports Game) and RPG (Role-Playing Game). BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor expertise offers customisable in-game colours, while the game sounds are tuned by 2 x 5w treVolo chamber speakers to give the ideal audio-visual enhancement for each type of game play.

The X1300i is also supported by Android TV for live streaming, voice assistance and mirror casting. Compatible with the newest gaming consoles on the market, the X1300i provides gamers with the best large screen gaming experience. 

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