Genpact Focuses on Proving Digital Transformation for its Clients

Genpact Focuses on Proving Digital Transformation for its Clients

The global professional service, Genpact, focuses on providing digital transformation for its clients. It has now been announced that Genpact has signed an agreement in order to acquire Rage Frameworks. Rage is a leading knowledge-based automation technology and services that provide Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise. The terms of this deal have not been disclosed.

It is Genpact strategy to push the digital-led innovation as well as digitally enabled intelligent operations. Because of this Genpact is investing in innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence that could possibly change the way companies in a variety of different industries will compete.

Acquiring Rage Frameworks, the strategy to invest in the newest technology has advanced and has led to the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence enterprise being expanded. Genpact will include the AI delivered by Rage into their business operations in order to apply it to a range of complex issues which will allow clients the ability to generate insights and push through decisions at a speed that humans could not achieve by themselves.

Rage will provide Genpact with a leading AI platform for cognitive computing. Their platform allows industries leverage advanced AI techniques that can simplify challenges faced with automation. Clients who use this platform can get a real time look at a range of mission-critical functions. This includes automatically extracting data or insights from balance sheets, financial data, or contracts, news and business reports. This allows for a more dynamic and efficient way of working, as clients can use this platform to address their customers’ needs in order to lead to the most growth while using AI technologies.

Genpact is intending on expanding Rage’s AI offering. This should allow them to take on more new clients and allow their services for established clients to expand. The acquisition by Genpact has come after a 18 month long strategic partnership between the two companies.

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