Burcas in a Strong Position for Growth with Nuclear and Gas

Oil and gas platform in the gulf or the sea, The world energy, Offshore oil and rig construction.

Burcas has many years of experience in supporting the Nuclear and Oil industries which places the company in a strong position for growth.

With the current development of Modular Reactors in the Nuclear sector, Burcas is well placed to utilise the comprehensive range of appropriate approvals whilst being in a strong position to support the programmes with both production machined items, tooling technology and components that lend themselves to a KANBAN support process. All of which are available at Burcas ltd.

The capability of Burcas also extends to the development of components for inspection and investigation within these sectors, utilising the significant engineering and re-engineering strengths of the business has allowed Burcas to retain an excellent reputation for quality supply and competitive component manufacture.

With a strategic approach towards the Nuclear, Energy and Gas/Oil markets significant and careful investment over several years ensures that all aspects of the customer’s requirements can be met.



For more information please visit:  www.burcas.co.uk

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