Fully scalable innovative energy harvesting system (the WITT),

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Witt Limited, a Plymouth based company, has developed a patented fully scalable innovative energy harvesting system (the WITT), that converts motion on land, sea and from the air into electricity.  Because it can capture all motion, clockwise, anti-clockwise, back and forth and up and down (known as 6 degrees of motion), it can generate up to 100% more energy from motion than traditional devices.

Contained within a sealed unit, WITTs utilize a 3D pendulum which generates power by the relative motion of the pendulum moving internally within the structure. The pendulum drives the transmission system, converting all motion, in any combination of the six degrees of freedom, into a single unidirectional rotation of a flywheel, to produce electricity!

The WITT can be built to metres in size to generate grid scale electrical power from the ocean, to miniature scale to recharge mobile phones, and to every size in between thus having the widest range of applications compared to any other power generation technology.   Witt already has working prototypes that demonstrate the WITT technology capability and they are now working with Ricardo, Schaeffler and Gibbs Gears to bring the first application being WITTs for small boats, buoys and floating devices requiring power 24/7 into production.  

Future applications include a small WITT unit positioned in the bottom of a back pack that generates power whilst walking away from home and here the company already has defence sector interest.  Thereafter there are plans to build a small energy harvester WITT attached to a key fob that generates power from human motion providing back-up power for a mobile phone. 

WITT  is about to launch a crowd funding equity raise on Crowdcube. Further details about their technology and the Crowdcube raise can be found at www.witt-energy.com or contact their CTO, Martin Wickett, at martin@witt-energy.com

Schaeffler is committed to the development of renewable energy solutions that have the potential to make a significant positive impact on climate change. Water power is an important renewable energy resource, and the capability to generate energy from ocean waves represents a key future-oriented growth field for Schaeffler. Schaeffler

We are delighted to be engaging with Witt Limited to work with the company to bring their WITT technology through product development into production Ricardo


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