Kaleido Sees a Future in Wind Energy in Argentina


Kaleido, the Spanish-based forwarding and logistics company, has recently opened a branch in Buenos Aires and Argentina’s growing interest in wind energy is giving the company significant optimism. Whilst Argentina has a long tradition of using wind energy on its farms, the government is keen to make sure that its exploitation of wind energy is commensurate with the enormous potential of the country’s landscape.

The first large-scale national development in this field is called ‘Plan Nacional de Energía Eólica’ and it involves the compilation of a national wind map, as well as the construction of numerous wind farms. In the long term, the public and private projects identified so far have an aggregate capacity of approximately 2,000 MW.

Kaleido is growing in the business of inland transport and freight forwarding and have been undertaking important projects for the wind industry, transporting windmill components and additional machinery from Spain and China to different ports in Argentina.

“In Argentina, we’ve been handling different logistics projects for many years, which is why we decided to settle in Buenos Aires with our own office and a committed local team. This new office reinforces our presence in America, where we are already well established in Mexico and Brazil. We set up our office in Argentina, because we are aware that clients need people they can trust on site. That is why we have a network of offices in strategic locations around the globe,” said Commercial director of Kaleido, Xosé Martinez.

Looking ahead, some other contracts signed for the upcoming year – mostly related to the project cargoes – suggest that 2018 will be a good year for the new Argentinian branch.

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