Waitrose Adoption of Bio-Methane Vehicles to be Discussed at TCS&D

Waitrose Adoption of Bio-Methane Vehicles to be Discussed at TCS&D

At the TCS&D exhibition, taking place on the 13th and 14th of September a range of key topics will be discussed. One of these topics set for discussion is the work being carried out by Waitrose to be more sustainable in their approach to temperature controlled transport. In order to take part in these discussions, Justin Laney, the General Manager of the Fleet at the John Lewis Partnership will be present.

At the exhibition, Justin Laney will present the range of benefits Waitrose has seen after they began using bio-methane trucks as part of their fleet. This change took place last year after the successful completion of a trial that showed the company could reduce their carbon emissions while also improving air quality and reducing the level of noise pollution created by their fleet. Waitrose has incorporated some bio-methane trucks into their fleet, but have committed to quadruple this number before the end of 2017. This could take the number of more sustainable vehicles used by Waitrose increase from 12 to 53.

For the temperature controlled transport that is required by Waitrose, the use of bio-methane vehicles can offer a range of benefits. Because of this The John Lewis Partnership will be using bio-methane vehicles across their heavy truck fleet. The Partnership has built a reputation over the years for using alternative fuels in their operations in order to help the environment.

At this year’s TCS&D in September there will be a range of other speakers including The CEO of Fowler Welch, Nick Hay who will be looking at the temperature controlled storage and distribution. There will also be a range of exhibitors at the event including Carrier Transicold, GAH and Hubbard Products. The seminars at the event are free for visitors to attend and will complement the range of exhibitions at the TCS&D, the only exhibition solely for temperature control and distribution in the UK.

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