Work to Develop the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm Has Started

Work to Develop the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm Has Started

The work to develop the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm has started. This development will take place in the form of an extension of the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm which is located just off the coast in Suffolk.

As part of the project that is taking place, Collett has been given the challenging task of providing the transport logistics for the movement of a 180 Tonne Transformer which will be installed at the onshore substation of the Wind Farm. The Super Grid Transformer comes originally from South Korea and will be delivered to the Port of Lowestoft after travelling via Rotterdam. The Transformer will be delivered in late September. The instruction of the project took place in June, which means that there was a tight schedule in which to plan execute and complete the delivery of the Super Grid Transformer.

The project was instructed on behalf of Hemisphere Freight Services Ltd. A solution for the complex transportation has been reached through collaboration with Hemisphere and Robert Wynn & Sons. The transformer will be moved from the original vessel onto a specialised RoRo barge while docked at Rotterdam. Collett, Hemisphere and Wynns worked to create the technical drawings and calculations for the loaded cargo in order to make sure that the transformer was kept safe and stable throughout the moving process and on board the vessel.

When the transformer reaches Lowestoft, the hydraulic roadway will allow the opportunity to deliver the transformer on a number of quays with different heights as well as allowing the approach of the vessel at high tide. After this the cargo needs to be moved 27 miles from the port to the delivery site. A specialist girder bridge will be used in order to move the equipment for the wind farm. Once at the site the transformer needed to be delivered and placed on to the plinth waiting for it. The Heavy Lift team from Collett managed to slowly move the transformer into its final position successfully.

This work is a credit to the logistics management to all of those involved as a part of the development of the Galloper Substation.

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