LPW Calls for AM Representation in UK

LPW Calls for AM Representation in UK

LPW Technology was established in Runcorn in 2007 and is now the market leader in the development, processing and supply of metal powder for Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the UK, and the company has now turned its attentions to the European Business Awards, for which it wishes to represent the UK.

LPW Technology provides a comprehensive range of services and is very passionate about the AM industry, therefore the company believes that the UK needs to get behind the company’s bid to be the UK’s entry to the European Business Awards, which is the largest business completion in Europe.

According to Dr Phil Carroll, who is the CEO and founder of LPW Technology, there is a clear need for a company from the high-tech, progressive manufacturing industry to represent the UK in Europe, and his business is the ideal candidate for this.

LPW is a dynamic organisation, expanding the knowledge base of the AM industry through its commitment to research and development, commented Dr Carroll. Although we are one of the smaller independent companies entering the EBA, we have enormous passion, vision and ambition for the future of the company and AM technology globally.  In 2016 we established offices in Germany and Italy, increased our revenue by over 40%, and we export almost 70% of our sales.

The eventual results of the public vote will see over 350 national champions from 34 different countries competing against each other, and the awards have provided LPW with the opportunity to showcase the innovative work that the company has been doing in its rapidly growing industry.

Voting is now open with the results being announced in March, so if you want to see a successful Additive Manufacturing company being recognised as the UK’s entrant to the European Business Awards, then you need to vote for LPW Technology.

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