Prime Computer Introduces Its Reliable Mini-PC PrimeMini 5

Prime Computer Introduces Its Reliable Mini-PC PrimeMini 5

Prime Computer has announced the launch of the PrimeMini5. Like its predecessor, the PrimeMini 5 is a silent, dirt-resistant and reliable mini-PC with smart passive cooling. It is characterised by Prime Computer as a Green IT product that requires little maintenance, minimises downtime and reduces power consumption. Thus the total operating costs are lower than those of conventional PCs.

As known from the PrimeMini product series, the PrimeMini 5 will be available in an i3, i5 and i7 version equipped with the corresponding Core-i processors from Intel. The processor generation has been renewed, which has a strong impact in terms of performance, especially for the i3 and i5 version. Despite the ultra-compact form factor, there is again room for up to two SSDs and dual-channel RAM. Connections such as HDMI and USB have been updated to current versions. For the first time a PrimeMini has a USB C and Thunderbolt port. A design innovation allows for optional additional connections such as a second Ethernet port, RS232 or additional USB ports.

The PrimeMini 5 is immediately available in the Prime Computer online shop and from Prime Computer’s distributors and resellers.

Prime Computer AG is a young, fast-growing Swiss company founded with the aim of producing IT hardware with economic, social and ecological qualities, focusing on energy efficiency and durability. With its sustainable IT solutions, Prime Computer strives to bring about a rethink regarding the unnecessary waste of resources such as energy and raw materials. With precisely matched components, constant development of the products and the care and analysis of stakeholders, the St. Gallen-based company has succeeded in creating intelligently designed, durable, energy-saving & environmentally friendly mini-PCs and servers that are also fanless, highly reliable and offer a low total cost of ownership.

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