Mobile Phones and Technology Will be Even More Integrated Into Our Everyday Lives

Mobile Phones and Technology Will be Even More Integrated Into Our Everyday Lives

Despite the heavy reliance that has been created with the use of mobile technology at the moment, it is thought that mobile phones and technology will be even more integrated into our everyday lives than ever before. With mobile phones connecting to everything, from your car to your watch, it’s hard to comprehend how much more technology can be integrated into  day-to-day lives.

With speculation about holographic displays on future iPhones and intentionally flexible frames in order to suit the requirements of the user, increased use of technology in teaching and education, and improving sustainability of smartphones in a sector where it is popular to upgrade every few years developing phones that are more eco-friendly could have a large impact on the byproducts of such a seemingly disposable product.

It would be important for the main market leaders to take initiative on improving the sustainability of smartphones in the future. A decision by Android or Apple to create phones in a way that is more sustainable would set the bar for all companies to follow suit in order to keep up. While adding a better camera and faster operating systems are priority for companies in order to make phones more appealing and to get consumers buying them, is there a responsibility to be more sustainable while encouraging high levels of consumption. The release of VR headsets was also a successful addition to the mobile technology sector, and in the future this could be refined event further, with a bluetooth connection so your phone doesn’t need to go inside the headset maybe?

As technology rapidly advances and develops, it is difficult to comprehend where else the market can go for the regular consumer. However every few years Apple have a shiny and exclusive reveal that is attended by many and streamed online by loads more, and Android companies following suit.

However advancement could lead to problems, with the explosive issues experienced by Samsung in the past, the Android market took a hit, and are now looking at ways to get customers back.

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