OpenSignal Has Been Looking at the Availability of 4G For Mobile Customers

OpenSignal Has Been Looking at the Availability of 4G For Mobile Customers

OpenSignal has been conducting research with Which? looking in to the availability of 4G for mobile customers around the company. New data has been collected from the 20 biggest cities around the UK in order to compare the download speeds experienced by customers in these areas.

The result showed that Middleborough was rated as the best city for 4G access as it was recorded that there was an 83% availability. At the other end of the spectrum, the data collected showed that Bournemouth was the worst are a to be in for access to 4G networks with their availability being only 68%. For other locations around the country, London was 16th out of the 20 biggest cities in the UK that were looked at by Which? and OpenSignal. London managed to beat Nottingham, Cardiff, Southampton, and Bournemouth. At the other end of the country, Glasgow came 9th in the list and Edinburgh came 10th for the best access to 4G.

On overage, the UK has an availability rating of 65%, which means that mobile users can only use 4G less than two thirds of the time. Many other countries around the world that have set up 4G facilities are further ahead and the UK is 54th in the world rankings of 4G accessibility. This means that the UK came below Estonia and Peru in the rankings.

The data that was collected by OpenSignal and Which? also looked in to the download speeds using 4G around the UK. In this case Stoke-on-Trent was proved to be the area with the fastest download speeds and Brighton was considered the slowest. As well as this research, Which? has released the Consumer Agenda for Government. In this Agenda the comparison company has emphasized that the Government needs to do more to work with both Ofcom and the providers in order to make sure that a better performing service can be delivered for customers. If reforms take place, customers will not be as limited when carrying out activities such as using social media, sending e-mails and streaming TV services.

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