Relieving Equipment Headaches With Transparent Planning

Relieving Equipment Headaches With Transparent Planning

Established and consistent resource management is at the heart of all successful engineering projects. A 2016 report from the Project Management Institute noted that without it 32% of assessed projects experienced scope creep, 47% were over budget, and 51% were late.

One of the biggest logistical headaches for engineering firms is the movement of equipment. Keeping a project on time and within budget is crucial but without the correct equipment in place neither of these objectives can be met.

Flexible and transparent planning can be one way to relieve this potential stumbling block. Installing a resource planning tool that allows for multiple users and real-time updates creates efficiency at the heart of the business.

Ganttic allows engineering companies to take control of their planning. International asset management technology and services company Pure Technologies is a great example.

Based in the USA, Pure Technologies approached Ganttic because they needed to coordinate teams in three different offices and equipment that was being shipped from anywhere in the country. Real-time updates and simplicity were the key to using Ganttic’s resource planning tool.

Its implementation has reaped huge dividends. Efficiency increased almost immediately. With the ability to track at least 80 pieces of equipment, the company could send out monthly schedules to see where people and equipment were. Any delays could be easily spotted and dealt with before they became an issue. In short Ganttic has provided a tool that makes resource planning, scheduling and rescheduling quick and easy.

“We always know what needs to happen next and make sure all resources are covered and routed correctly,” said Pure Technologies Allison Stroebele. “We use it every day and all 8 managers use it at the same time.”

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