Salesforce World Tour London 2018

Salesforce World Tour London 2018

Almost 10,000 attendees at Salesforce World Tour London 2018 had the opportunity to listen to global industry leaders that revealed the processes and technology behind their enduring success. There, global leaders and pioneers also discovered how the path to deeper customer relationship had been revolutionised thanks to today’s hyper connected world.

The new manufacturing technologies are helping to gather, analyse and act upon data-driven insights faster and more accurately, optimising performance across facilities, global assets and the workforce. Moreover, these technologies also help businesses respond to changes in customer behaviour, driven by ever-increasing demands for more intuitive, seamless, connected and personalised experiences.

At Salesforce World Tour London 2018, there were more than 30 innovative expert-led sessions, demonstrations and workshops, which allowed delegates to explore the latest in customer experience driven technologies and network with their peers.

Simon Mulcahy, global chief marketing officer at Salesforce, said that the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ has already disrupted every industry and sector, including healthcare, pharmaceutical industries, banking and transportation, because consumers’ needs are changing rapidly.

“The new technologies will affect the customer behaviour and it becomes ever more difficult to reach out to the customer. The crucial question is: Are we ready for the customer?” said Mulcahy.

Companies such as Tesla, Aston Martin and JLR are radically changing the way consumers relate to the products they buy, driven in large part by demands from 21st century car-buyers expecting their vehicles to be highly customised. However, there are companies that still struggle to implement new technologies like AI or IoT.

Salesforce World Tour London 2018 aimed to help decision-makers across make better decisions based on data analysis, particularly in relation to interacting with and serving customers. Those that attended the event has the opportunity to find out the latest Salesforce announcements and products, including Lightning, Einstein, Quip, and a new suite of personalised offerings — myTrailhead, myEinstein, myLightning, mySalesforce and myIoT.

Moreover, delegates could learn how these tools could help them reinvent their corporate learning, operate smarter and become more predictive about customers, drive productivity, build customised apps faster, and forge more connected experiences.

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