Simmtronic Announces Powerful and Proven MQTT Solution

Simmtronic Announces Powerful and Proven MQTT Solution

Simmtronic, an independent specialist manufacturer of fully intelligent lighting control systems, has announced the launch of a powerful and proven MQTT solution. Intelligent building service providers, manufacturers and contractors are also often striving to create and/or integrate features that make a building smart.

Think facilities management, data collection, and systems automations that make workers more efficient and the environment safer, more efficient, reliable, and convenient. Adaptability is crucial. Smart buildings interact with the people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them.

Technology enabling data capture and analysis, connectivity, monitoring and control is becoming the new baseline for smart buildings of tomorrow. Understanding what it is and where it’s headed is critical.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an ISO Standard Network Protocol particularly suited to smart technology and the underlying need to efficiently exchange vast amounts of dynamic building-wide status information, to achieve enhanced building performance and utilisation.

“All of Simmtronic’s major customers are now asking for new and refit lighting controls to be ‘smart building enabled’, so, Simmtronic has developed the MQTT publisher software that automatically generates asset names to suit a customer’s chosen naming scheme and nearly all our customers rely on this to make their smart building deployments affordable,” said Stephen Ades, Simmtronic Senior Software Engineer.

Solution features:

Comprehensive Analysis Data, available instantaneously, including:

  • Lighting Levels
  • Occupancy Status
  • Energy Performance (when purchased with Simmtronic energy monitoring toolset)
  • Device specific data for Area Controllers, Light and Blind Control Modules, Sensors
  • Gear and Lamp Faults
  • Maintenance reporting

Key Benefits of MQTT:

  • MQTT is a lightweight protocol designed for responsive real-time rich data updates. Its event-oriented data flows reduce update times to seconds.
  • MQTT is widely adopted and supported.
  • MQTT features Internet-style data encoding that makes the data readily accessible to programmers with Database/IT skills.

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