The Lighting Industry Association Raises Technical Standards Internationally

LIA Technical Managers at the IEC meeting in Canada

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) is always looking out for the interests of its members and the wider lighting business community, and will be working hard for it during the transition period and following Britain’s departure from the European Union.

As the leading industry body for the lighting sector, the LIA is involved in many aspects of the industry helping to take it towards a positive, prosperous and profitable future. It works closely with legislators in the UK and Europe and enjoys global recognition as an authority on lighting.

Moreover, the LIA represents all aspects of UK, EU and international lighting stakeholders at the highest level – including with national and international regulatory bodies – whilst protecting the interests of both the public and its Members.

The LIA also works for the benefit of the wider industry through organising subject-focused Technical Committees made up of LIA Members and external experts who support the technical work of the Association. The committees’ work covers some of the following areas:

  • Input on IEC/EN standards proposals
  • Input to LightingEurope, our European Trade Association, on EU subjects such as ERP, RoHS, LVD etc
  • Input to UK Government on regulatory matters, ECA, building regulations, policy direction, market surveillance, Brexit etc.
  • Preparation of LIA Technical Bulletins, Information Sheets, Technical Statements & Guides

The LIA is committed to raising the technical standards of the lighting industry worldwide and endeavours to promote and maintain high standards of practice and professional conduct in a range of areas including technical advancement, quality assurance, education and training, which are pivotal to the growth of the industry in the UK and throughout the world.

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