Alexander Dennis to Manufacture Red Double Deckers bound for Mexico

Alexander Dennis to Manufacture Red Double Deckers bound for Mexico

The Red Double Decker Bus, a sight that is popular on the roads around London and a mode of transport for countless number of people every year. These iconic vehicles are being exported to Mexico as part of a £44 million finance deal with the manufacturer Alexander Dennis to build 90 buses in Britain before transporting them to Mexico City.

The Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting the bus manufacturing company today, as the news is being spread of the new lucrative manufacturing deal. This will be the first time that the classic Red bus will be exported to South America. The firm is also in the process of developing low-emissions buses in order to help cut down congestion and pollution on the Paseo de la Reforma which is a main street in the centre of the city. It is hoped that the buses will be in operation in Mexico by the end of 2017.

This new deal to manufacture and transport the double decker buses to Mexico is a part of the £1.7 billion in government finance deals that have been secured since the creation of the Department for International Trade. This Department has been formed in order to offer support to the British export industry. The Government has announced that financial support has improved 137 different British firms, through expansion of the securing of larger global contracts.

In other bus related news, there has been calls for the bendy bus to return to London, in order to increase capacity and reduce congestion it is thought that the articulated busses will help to cut journey times as well as provide better disabled access to travellers in the city. Hopefully the funds and developments from this new Alexander Dennis contract will allow for innovation and the reduction of emissions for London busses as well in the future.

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