Angus Council Fits Vehicles with Cameras

Angus Council Fits Vehicles with Cameras

Angus Council has decided to fit its waste, recycling, and cleansing vehicles with vehicle camera recording systems and reversing radar. This will offer a better protection for the public, while guarding against bogus insurance claims.

The environment in which these vehicles operate is busy and congested with narrow streets that often require difficult manoeuvres. The cameras have proven to be invaluable in safeguarding the council against false insurance claims, as well as helping to keep the public safe; therefore we have continued to specify the equipment on any new vehicles, said Paul McPherson, Operations Manager at Angus Council.

The contracting organisation responsible for the repair and maintenance of vehicles for the council, Tayside Contracts, declared that their main priority is to provide safety for the Angus Council operators and the general public, therefore the cameras installed have a great footage quality.

All vehicles have been fitted with Innovative Safety Systems’ (ISS) RX3 hard disk recording system and reversing radar. The cameras provide a 360o visibility around the vehicle and the recorded footage can be used for crew training or to make sure that the best health and safety practice was used.

We are pleased that Tayside Contract and Angus Council are happy with our equipment and service. Our team of engineers go to great lengths to ensure that ISS products are robust and of the highest quality. We stepped in 3 years ago when one of our competitors was late fulfilling an order and we have since built up an excellent relationship with both organisations, said Keith Boyfield, ISS Sales Manager in Scotland.

ISS is a leading vehicle safety technology company that designs, supplies, and maintains vehicle safety and efficiency equipment. Most of its products are manufactured in the UK and its range includes Cyclear (Cyclist Safety Warning Device), 360 Vehicle Camera Systems, Remote Download Systems, Hard Disk Recording, fuel saving modules, vehicle-tracking systems, reversing radar, LED lighting, and warning beacons. Currently the company is launching its latest ‘Clear’ product – Reaclear – a reversing aid designed to eliminate reversing accidents.

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