Profile: Hydratron Designs and Builds Pressure and Flow Test Systems for the Aerospace Industry

One specific system that demonstrates well our pneumatic, Hydraulic, mechanical and electronic/controls capabilities is a Fatigue Pressure Cycle Test Unit we designed and manufactured for a prominent Aerospace manufacturer of hydraulic pressure transducers.

They required a production test rig for the purposes of general testing with many waveforms including those prescribed ARP1383 Rev A, one of the most arduous production testing requirements in use.

This testing would normally be in the range of 275bar – 414bar but had to be able to provide up to 1380bar on demand and with a cycle frequency range of between 3Hz – 10Hz.

They required 4-off test port connections with an Integrated Waveform Generator/Oscilloscope and Moog valve electronics built into the system.

The Unit needed to accurately pressurise into very small volumes, using Hydraulic Mineral oil as the test medium.

In addition to the high frequency cycling requirement, the system also needed to be able to control waveforms with impulse testing at extremely fast pressurisation rates, typically between 100,000 to 200,000 psi per second but up to a maximum of 56 million PSI per second. The ramp and waveform needed to be acquired for future reference.

Working closely with the client, Hydratron designed and manufactured a suitable system using high accuracy mechanical equipment components controlled using in house designed electronics and software.

This unit which has been in operation now for many years is fully serviced and maintained by Hydratron to ensure robust continuous trouble-free operation.

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