B&B Attachments Releases the PowerMount System

B&B Attachments Releases the PowerMount System

B&B Attachments has designed a unique system that enables the truck driver to quickly change from one hydraulic attachment to another in just 90 seconds. The PowerMount system does not need an engineer to compete an attachment change, guaranteeing a fast, easy, and safe way to interchange forklift attachments.

The system has become indispensable for companies that handle various types of loads because it provides the best possible utilisation of a forklift fleet. PowerMount is now supplied to a number of major supermarket chains, construction sites, and logistics companies throughout the UK that can use its ability to allow one forklift truck to use several different attachments.

One of the advantages of the system is that it has the potential to severely cut fleet costs because it allows the workforce to operate fewer trucks, giving the option to use the same one for various lifting jobs and to change attachments in seconds.
B&B service and support all rental attachments, so PowerMount is also popular when it comes to rental fleets during demanding periods. It offers the option to hire rent for either short or long term, which can start from one week and last as long as your requirement demands.

Another benefit of using PowerMount comes from the fact that is enhances on-site safety. It ensures that operators are more likely to select the right equipment to perform each task instead of having to compromise by using whatever attachment the truck has fitted at the time for quickness. Not using the correct attachment can then result in damage to the load and to the attachment.

B&B Attachments is the leading provider of material handling solutions in UK and Ireland. It specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke forklift truck attachment solutions, while creating products for customers’ with specific material handling requirement

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