FLTA Advises on Choosing Lift Truck Supplier

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Responding to reports of companies selling lift trucks without any regards for suitability, the Fork Lift Truck Association is urging companies employing forklifts to use caution when appointing new suppliers. While there are many ways for lift truck purchases to go less than smoothly, one of the most common pitfalls is the mistaken belief that all dealers are created equally.

“It’s material handling’s biggest mistake and it’s an easy one to make. By creating this ‘level’ playing field, you overlook crucial details, such as accreditations, registration and standards of working. Typically, you are entering into a contract which could last at least five years. Think for a moment about the last time you were contacted – with no prior warning – by a supplier – Were they hoping to provide you with expert advice and exceptional service as part of a complete package? Or were they simply hoping to profit, while delivering the minimum in return?,” explained Fork Lift Truck Association Peter Harvey MBE.

“Sometimes that difference isn’t so clear. We regularly hear reports of suppliers who won’t specify a truck they don’t currently hold in stock – even if it’s the most suitable truck for the task at hand. A company like this would find it tough suggesting you could reduce fleet size, wouldn’t it? They would. But it’s not their fault. After all, their job is to make money,” he added.

However, the situation doesn’t have to be that way. “At the FLTA, our Membership’s core objective is to establish and develop customer relationships that are based on excellent service, continued provision and buttoned-down costs,” Peter said.

FLTA Members operate throughout the UK and include lift truck dealers, service and maintenance companies, manufacturers and suppliers. They must expressly agree

to achieve and maintain Association- defined standards for safety, efficiency and integrity.

Although any company can apply for Membership, only those meeting stringent FLTA criteria, abiding to the nationally ratified Code of Practice and passing routine inspections can bear the FLTA marque.

To find the most reputable suppliers and service providers in your area, visit the FLTA Member Finder at www.fork-truck.org.uk.

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