ICFM 2018 Focuses on Fuel Issues

ICFM 2018 Focuses on Fuel Issues

The 2018 ICFM Annual National Members’ Conference will focus on the fuels that will power the future company cars and vans and the emissions dilemma facing the fleets. The ‘Fuel for the Future, the Emissions Dilemma’ Conference will be held on Tuesday, the 20th of March, at The British Motor Museum, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire, CV35 0BJ, known as the home of the world’s largest collection of historic British cars.

Furthermore, this year’s Conference will also celebrate 25 years of ICFM, which aims to advance the profession of car and light commercial fleet management through a range of qualifications. Sponsored by Jaguar Land rover, the event will see a few important speakers that will approach topics such as blended fleet vehicle deployment, the impact of fuel choice and emissions on occupational road risk, residual values, vehicle procurement, and vehicle choice and the driving skills required to take to the road in the new generation of models.

The event will also include the presentation of awards to fleet decision makers that have successfully completed ICFM training course since the last Conference. Fleet decision-makers are facing more changes today than in the past 25 years. The evolution of the sector is becoming ever more rapid and without the skills that ICFM training provides, and the ability to quiz industry experts, fleet chiefs could find themselves making poor decisions that will impact on the operating efficiency and effectiveness of their vehicles and businesses, explained ICFM director Peter Eldridge.

Fleet decision makers will face some major issues this year that need to be tackled with success. Some of these challenges include increasing vehicle taxation, the introduction of Clean Air Zones in towns and cities, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, new international lease accounting standards, the Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure, and many more.

Underpinning all of those challenges is vehicle fuel choice – diesel, petrol, hybrid and plug-in – and their impact on air quality. This year’s Annual National Members’ Conference promises to be a lively and informative day for fleet decision-makers just like those held over previous years, concluded ICFM chairman Paul Hollick.

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