Launch of the National Battery Manufacturing Development Facility

Launch of the National Battery Manufacturing Development Facility

Over 10,000 jobs could be created by the National Battery Manufacturing Development Facility. The creation of the NBMDF has received an allocation of £80 million from the Government in order to see its completion. The new Battery Facility will see the development of the next generation of battery systems across battery, chemistry, electrodes, cell design, module and pack level. The new manufacturing development facility will also see a partnership formed between academia and the industry.

It is great news that the Midlands has won the bid for this new facility and working with the industry and the supply chain from this area it is hoped that the new facility will develop and expand the research and development that goes in to batteries, while also providing skilled jobs and developments in the automotive sector.

Coventry and its sub-region has a significant contribution to make in terms of the delivery of the UK’s national industrial strategy. The area is considered to be in a strong position in order to lead the advancement of battery development, a vital aspect of a number of sectors including the electrification of vehicles and the development of autonomous vehicles. The development of the NBMDF is at the heart of plans to make Coventry the smart motor city.

The new Battery Manufacturing Facility will be based in Coventry and Warwickshire, and will help the UK as a whole as well as the more immediate area as it will help to drive the nation forward in this area, attracting experts from academia and the industry, combining their expert knowledge together to deliver innovation and research and development that will further improve the international reputation of the West Midlands as an area that delivers automotive excellence. The development of battery technology will not only offer thousands of new jobs but will also help to make sure that the UK leads the world and feels the economic benefits of this position as the world transitions into a low carbon economy.

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