MAHLE British Grand Prix Promotion sees Commercial Components as Winner

MAHLE British Grand Prix Promotion sees Commercial Components as Winner

The Hampshire-based company, Commercial Components has been named as the lucky recipient of a pair of tickets to go to the British F1 grand prix. The company has received these tickets from MAHLE Aftermarket and their recent promotion.

In order to be eligible for a chance to win the tickets, MAHLE customers needed to purchase any turbo from the aftermarket product supplier and distributor within the qualifying period in order to be given the opportunity to win. The tickets on offer through this promotion were to see the British grand prix which saw Lewis Hamilton take the trophy for the fifth time.

Commercial Components have been working with MAHLE for a number of years as a MAHLE filter distributor and the win was a good surprise for the company. As a MAHLE filter distributor, the Hampshire company often look to other products offered by the manufacturer, such as their turbos. The Aftermarket turbos range is constantly improving for cars and commercial vehicles. MAHLE also often introduce new references that cover an ever expanding vehicle parc.

Earlier in the year, MAHLE also ran a promotion that offered a free Formula 1 polo shirt for every Turbocharger that was purchased. The products for these promotions are available to the company as MAHLE and Ferrari are long-term technical partners and MAHLE works to supply Ferrari with a range of essential engine components.

MAHLE has more than 300 engineers working in the business segment of MAHLE Engineering Services, Motorsports and Special Applications sectors. The knowledge and expertise that is gained from working in these sectors is then translated by the company into the independent automotive aftermarket. MAHLE Aftermarket are predicting that their busy period will continue with the upcoming introduction of their range of air-conditioning compressors which will cover all of the top applications in the UK aftermarket.

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