PSI Logistics Expand Services at Hamburg Airport

PSI Logistics Expand Services at Hamburg Airport

PSI Logistics has have provided additional airport software for their solution at Hamburg Airport. PSI logistics have delivered this extra software in order to improve their baggage handling monitoring systems.

PSI Logistics is in the PSI Group, which has been established for more than 45 years. The business looks into the development of a comprehensive and integrated product range for transparent material flows as well as an efficient logistics management service. PSI Logistics was founded in 2001 and is a 100% subsidiary of PSI AG. The company merges logistics expertise found across the group to offer the best solutions to their clients. Using their own products, PSI Group uses their own software products in order to develop and install complete energy management, production management, and infrastructure management solutions to companies in transport and safety.

The solution that has been extended at Hamburg Airport by PSI Logistics includes the entire baggage tracking system at Terminal 1 and 2 from the check-in to baggage handling system. The company have expanded their networking and information systems for baggage monitoring at the airport and the Flughafen Hamburg GmBH will be using the new Version 3.0 of the PSIairport Baggage Handling System developed by PSI Logistics. The solution to be delivered by the company includes the entire baggage tracking located at Terminal 1 and 2 from the check-in stage through the baggage handling system. The information systems and baggage monitoring will use the PSIairport/CCTV and the IT infrastructure required as well as a redundant network, cameras, servers and storage in order to expand their services.

This expansion will be combined with the PSIairport/Management systems, PSIairport/FIDS flight information, PSIairport/Gateway and PSIairport/Monitoring which has already been implemented at the airport already. Hamburg Airport has an integrated IT infrastructure for their baggage handling that will now offer efficient, transparent, coordinated processes that has been optimally linked information flows.

Work to implement this new project is expected to start in September 2017 and will go live in the middle of 2018.

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