Stadium Export Services manufactures 38 metre case for TechnipFMC

Large case manufacturing

Stadium Export Services has successfully designed and manufactured two 38 metre cases for TechnipFMC.

Each weighing around 10 tonnes, the individual cases were manufactured to house two 38 metre sample subsea umbilical cables destined for the Gulf of Mexico.

Due to the size and weight of the cables, as well as the cables uneven weight distribution, structural calculations were prepared to ensure the suitability of the cases could be proven prior to manufacture.

Bespoke steel frames were used to support the cargo, fabricated into three sections and spliced together using 320 bolts along the entire length of the case. The cargo was internally secured using a series of thirty timber frames and swept timber cradles.

Brian Smith, CEO at Stadium Export Services, said: “This really was a team effort due to the tight timescales and technical specification of the project.

“The cases required a substantial steel base frame, not only because of the length, but due to the complexities associated with the majority of the weight being at the extreme ends of the case.

“Preassembled modular components ensured that the material could be easily transported to the site, whilst considerably reducing packing time and mitigating any unforeseen issues.”

The project was assembled and packed by the Stadium Export Services mobile packing team over a four day period at the quay in Walker, ready for loading directly onto the vessel.

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