UBER Set to Double London Capacity

Uber Taxi

Uber is set to double the capacity of its London ride-sharing zone in a bid to encourage more commuters to leave their vehicles at home.

The UberPool will be expanded to cover the areas of zone one and zone two as outlined by the London Tube map.

This move will worsen fears of the motor industry that an increase in the availability of taxi services on-demand will lead to a reduction in the number of vehicle owners.

As ride-sharing is set to become a more common way of travelling, vehicle manufacturers are realising that consumer behaviour is set to change drastically and car ownership is likely to go down.

As a result, we have seen car manufacturing giants Volkswagen and Toyota both buy stakes in companies offering ride-sharing services.

Toyota have gone into partnership with Uber, while VW have made a $300m investment into the Israeli taxi app ‘Gett’.

Shigeki Tomoyama, Senior Managing Officer of Toyota, said that the concept of ride-sharing has great potential to shape the future of our mobility.

General Motors also bought a stake worth $500m in US ride-sharing firm ‘Lyft’ earlier this year.

However, these arrangements are not exclusive and many other car manufacturers are thought to be discussing future co-operations with Uber.

Recently, Uber announced that it will be expanding its ride-share service to further areas of Greater London such as Putney, Peckham and Hammersmith, after previously limiting itself to the very heart of the city.

This expansion means the firm now covers zones one and two of the Underground map, also Heathrow airport.

General Manager of Uber in London, Tom Elvidge, said that the move to a bigger zone will give a greater number of commuters the chance to car pool instead of driving their car into the city.

He added that with over 1m people in London driving to work every day, Uber’s expansion of its car-share service will cut down on air pollution and congestion in the city.

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