Jo Johnson Visited the Oxford Science Park to Take Part in Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

Jo Johnson Visited the Oxford Science Park to Take Part in Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

Jo Johnson MP has visited the Oxford Science Park on Tuesday 4th April in order to take part in the official ground-breaking ceremony. The Minister of state for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation has attended the event in order to reveal the name of the state of the art building. It is expected that The Oxford Science Park’s new building will contain brand new office and laboratory spaces that will be able to accommodate 500 people.

The new building has been named The Schrödinger Building after the Austrian Theoretical physicist professor Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger. The theoretical physicist was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in1933 and is well known as one of the greatest scientists in the twentieth century. In 1933 to 1938 Schrödinger came to Magdalen College, Oxford, which now owns the Oxford Science Park in order to fulfill a Fellowship. It is thought that the award winning physicist had a massive impact on his field, quantum theory. Therefore, it is fitting that the Science Park in Oxford has dedicated one of their buildings to him.

It was also momentous that Jo Johnson visited to take part in the ground-breaking ceremony for the project. Magdalen College, Oxford intend to carry on extending The Oxford Science Park in order to support the development of its students and helps to improve growth, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. During the ground-breaking ceremony Jo Johnson was introduced to three of the business leaders for the park: Constantin Coussios, the founder of OxSonics and OrganOx; Lee Bryant, the managing director of Sesui; and Dr. Tom Payne, the chief technology Officer at Oxford Genetics.

The new development will attract more bright minds to the UK and will also provide an addition to the famous University of Oxford. It has also been announced by Magdalen College that they will be working with Thames Water in order to create a mixed-use community south of Grenoble Road. This new project will include a logical and integrated expansion of the Science Park.

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