London-Based Fintech Company Managed to Make a Significant Debut

London-Based Fintech Company Managed to Make a Significant Debut

A London-based fintech company has managed to make a significant debut into the market with their products and services. The company works to provide a technical capabilities for companies. At the moment, MuchBetter is working with the popular energy drink brand Lucozade Energy. The two companies have been working together as part of a marketing campaign that has taken place across the train stations in London this week. MuchBetter has also teamed up with GPS in order to produce a state of the art paytech bottle that has been handed out to passengers at the train stations as part of the Lucozade campaign. Built into the new bottles is a chip that has contactless payment capabilities and held enough credit for a journey on the London Underground.

MuchBetter designed the paytech bottle by working with GPS, or the Global Processing Services, who is the leading company for emerging payment methods. Also involved in the creation of the Lucozade bottle was DIGISEQ, a new company that has been working on adapting wearable technology and other IoT devices and systems into devices that can be used for payment.

Lucozade is known for being the nation’s biggest energy drink brand and has made sure that their advertising promotes their connections to energy and active lifestyles. The new paytech bottles that have been handed out in the train stations across London are a part of the brand’s Find your flow  advertising campaign.

The Financial services industry in a growing part of the market in London. This industry includes people who are working on developing systems that could make payments easier for customers. These faster and more digital payments are all part of an attempt to improve the transaction experience of the customer. The adaptation of this modern technology has already made a significant impact on the customer experience but the development of payment technology could revolutionise How we make payments in the future without compromising on security.

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